Our services

Servisa stands for the most efficient implementation of your construction project. We complete every task entrusted to us conscientiously and according to your expectations. With the help of our experience with large construction projects, we enable you to make optimal use of economies of scale. With us, the smooth running of all aspects of construction logistics is guaranteed. Flexible adaptation to the wishes and needs of the building owner is also possible without any problems during the course of construction.


Concept & Planning

We are already in the early stages of your construction project at your side as a competent partner with the preparation of a construction logistics report. This covers all areas that you might encounter at this early stage. We create a construction logistics concept adapted to your building project. This is constantly evaluated during the course of construction and adapted to your project accordingly. The creation of a construction logistics manual enables our customers to quickly gain an overview of the agreed processes, their implementation and current prices.



You can hand over the diverse and complex tasks of a construction site installation to our experienced construction logistics team with a clear conscience and with great time savings. We create and apply for comprehensive concepts for sanitary facilities, water, electricity and traffic planning. These individually designed solutions are put into practice immediately after their approval. Thus, nothing stands in the way of a smooth progress of your construction project. Furthermore, we offer essential services such as the specific scaffolding of your construction object, a mobile smoke detector system and the innovative possibility to monitor your entire construction site with a high-quality camera network.



A wide variety of construction equipment and supporting material can be requested from us, depending on your needs. We offer a large repertoire - from crane forks to forklifts and construction cranes. Our expert staff will provide these to your construction project at the best prices.

Servisa Baugeraete


Securing and controlling a construction site is the be-all and end-all of a successful construction project. We offer you an all-round carefree package in this field, supported by the latest technologies and proven personal on-site security. A camera network and electronic access controls ensure maximum security. The conception created especially for the course of your construction project enables a complete overview and comprehensive control of personnel and vehicles on your construction site.



Space management is a crucial issue on an inner-city construction site. Servisa Construction Management offers you comprehensive solutions around this critical issue of available space. Space management and logistics concepts go hand in hand on a trouble-free construction site. We develop logistics concepts for you - from floor logistics to anticipatory delivery traffic control. These important basic concepts are reliably implemented for you by our experienced team.



The core competence of Servisa Construction Management is a professional and environmentally conscious shipment of all waste disposal materials. We offer various disposal plans and extensively trained personnel to take care of the disposal for you. Together with our recognized partners of Servisa Dienstleistung für die Immobilienwirtschaft GmbH (SDL) and Servisa Mineralstoffe und Aufbereitung GmbH in Töpchin (SMART), we ensure that construction waste is processed and returned to the economic cycle, so that fewer primary raw materials have to be used.